CHIC Fitness Centre

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Stay fit and healthy while on vacation. CHIC features fitness facilities with the latest Life Fitness equipment so you have what you need – when you need. Enjoy unlimited use of weight training machines, cardio equipment or have fun in the energetic Zumba classes offered each week. Never been a gym person? Take advantage of the personal trainer, available to guests each day and return home on a refreshed path to wellness.

Fitness Centre

Build a gym routine into your stay at CHIC Punta Cana. Use your vacation to put yourself on a refreshed path to wellness before you return home. Personal trainers are available at no extra cost- to teach guests about the equipment and offer ideas on how to make an existing routine more effective.


Part of any well-rounded fitness routine are cardio and aerobic activities. CHIC has a full selection of Life Fitness cardio equipment so guests use the best in brand new equipment to work towards their personal best.

Free Weights

The fitness facilities at CHIC Punta Cana also have a range of free weights and lifting equipment so guests can weight train even on holiday. Squeeze a workout first thing in the morning, or get a quick session after the pool before heading out to dinner.

Personal Trainer

New to working out? Have a routine that is getting old? The team of professional personal trainers at CHIC are ready to help you on your way to being fit. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a fitness professional, included in the cost of your stay.

Spa & Fitness Center

Visit the spa after your workout to help the body recover from a strenuous workout and relax your taxed muscles. As you work out, the metabolic waste accumulated in your muscles and joints is drained with the help of the hydrotherapy circuit in The Royal Spa.